Volvos Have Come A Long Way!

Since the creation of vehicles in the early 20th century, it has really evolved over time. The body style, engine, interior features and colors have definitely drawn the attention of buyers to purchase it. Volvo is one of those vehicles that came along in Europe when others were being built at the same time in this States and in Asia. It is definitely an underrated vehicle, but it is very trustworthy to provide safety and class for the modern consumer.

The 1920s were a test of time for the planet to revive itself with innovative inventors and organizations to see to it being a place of growth. Volvo has played a major role in how people travel from one place to another. Vehicles were originally created for those who are very wealthy, mainly because they were the only ones who could afford to purchase a motor vehicle. Just before then, the only way to travel on the roads were by a horse and carriage. The ÖV4 was the very first car produced by Volvo April 14, 1927. Available in only dark blue, it was made of sheet metal and built on an ash and beech frame. These days it would be considered a drop top convertible because it has a black open top that could be manually closed when needed called wings.

When you think of it, most carriages were open due to affordability but the ones that were closed in were for high income families. In 1950, a new sports car was presented, and it remained in production from 1961-1972. This was the 2-seater P1800/1800 which had an Italian style but was assembled in various cities due to the capacity necessary to make them. A steel company from England created the body style for it. Actor Roger Moore made this vehicle famous when he drove it in the movie “The Saint”.

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Sweden is the country responsible for creating this beautiful car in 1927. The vehicles they produced are mostly crossovers, sedans, and sports utility vehicles. Their largest markets are Europe, United States, China with most of the employees based in Sweden. Its long time CEO, Pehr Gyllenhammer, attempted to merge with other manufacturers after thinking the market for Volvo was too small to survive in future buyers. Many people opposed this idea seeing that this Swedish brand last longer than anyone ever thought. There have been a number of car dealers that been selling Volvo Models salem or since 1957, after Volvos were being distributed privately in 1955. These dealerships have hands on knowledge in how to go about making sure you get the best model to fit your style and needs.

In 1999, the decision to sell the automobile manufacturing was made so that the focus could be on commercial vehicles. As a result, the trademark operates under Volvo Group and Volvo Car Corporation. Although several changes have been made to keep Volvo around, what they stood for in 1927 has remained the same.