What Are the Advantages to Buying an Electric Car?

The first electric cars were almost an environmental joke. Those early models were not very practical for the average commuter because they were limited in mileage before the car required recharging. This was a bit of a hassle for your average driver who drove more than a hundred miles per week. However, things have changed dramatically today. The Electric Car is more than just an environmentally friendly vehicle. The fact is that there are numerous advantages to purchasing an electric car. For example, one of the biggest advantages are things like state rebates or incentives that are provided to the owner of an electric vehicle. Here is more to consider.

More Value

The average person might assume that the electric car is just too expensive for their taste. Generally, this is due to the very high-profile electric vehicles. Those vehicles are definitely not for the average mainstream driver that is concerned about money. However, many vehicles are relatively inexpensive compared to the previously mentioned model and there are used electrical vehicles on the market that provide the owner with great value. Many of those used, vehicles are great deals and a very good value for a family on a budget or a single person.

All About Gas Mileage

One of the other great advantages connected with buying an electric vehicle is very obvious. The owner will save a tremendous amount of money on gas. We’ve all seen gas prices dip and then skyrocket. Some driver’s base their ability to drive their vehicle on the current gas prices. For example, if gas prices are high, they drive less. Statistics prove that it is much cheaper to drive an electric car than a gas-powered car. For example, one study noted that electric vehicles are now able to go for more than one hundred miles on a full charge. Many up to 150 miles on a charge. A mid-size car is able to go about 114 miles on a full tank of gas.

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Other Reasons to Go Electric

Clearly, there are numerous advantages to going electric. Today, just about every state across the country is aware of that fact and providing bonuses and tax advantages to people that own an electrical vehicle. Every electric car owner should check with their state for more information. In addition, it should be noted that electrical vehicles are low maintenance vehicles. For example, an electrical vehicle does not require the usual oil change, transmission service, air filter service, or spark plug service. This will save the average driver thousands per year.

Clearly, going green and driving an electrical vehicle has numerous incentives. Of course, the driver is protecting the environment, producing less emissions to pollute the air. The driver is also saving money on maintenance fees. Finally, the driver is joining a growing group of drivers that are part of an exclusive club that enjoys all the benefits that are attached to owning a new or used electrical vehicle.